130706 What Eunhyuk Said about ELF Only13 Petition

I hope, we as ELF always unite to keep and protecting uri Superman 🙂

Become an ELFs are not easy, we must keep strong, we must prepare our heart about what antis do to Super Junior or us. As Siwon oppa said, we must not became ELF from beginning, but we can become ELF until end, it’s not END but AND.

If we have problem inside our fandoms, how can we protect uri Superman, even. SJ knows about this? But I believe, it is exam for us aka ELF to become powerful.

Indonesian translate :

Aku harap, kita sebagai ELF selalu bersatu dan tetap menjaga dan melindungi uri Superman.

Menjadi seorang ELF itu tidak mudah, mental kita harus kuat, kita harus menyiapkan hati kita untuk mendengar apa yang antis lakukan kepada SJ atau kita. Seperti apa yang pernah Siwon oppa katakan, kita tidak perlu menjadi ELF dari awal, tetapi jadilah ELF sampai akhir. Inget pesen Leeteuk oppa, it’s not END but AND. T_T

Jika kita ada masalah di internal ELF, bagaimana kita bisa menjaga SJ? sampai SJpun mengerti akan hal ini? mereka pasti ikut sedih dan kecewa. Tetapi aku percaya, ini adalah sebagian kecil ujian untuk kita ELF sejati untuk menjadi lebih kuat untuk melindungi uri Superman . 🙂

Participate Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”  & Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation

Compilation: 130706 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” Singapore

(Disclaimer: May not be every word said but most of the announcement)

I came out here again because I have something to say. Since everyone will be taking fancam so I hope this will get out to Korean fans and fans from all over the world.

Recently I heard about bad things happening between our fans so I thought I should come out and explain.

Zhoumi and Henry are not official members of Super Junior. However Zhoumi and Henry are official members of SJM. We worked together for so long and we grew to have feelings with each other already, like family.

There won’t be official activities with zhoumi and Henry.
Please don’t have any misunderstandings but please still keep supporting them.


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