[Coretan] Super Junior & SNSD support ‘I Hear your Voice’



Jumpa lagi, lama gak update, hehe

Aku buat postingan ini iseng-iseng aja, soalnya aku juga suku ma drama satu ini, drama I Hear your voice yang dibintangi ma Lee Jong Suk, Lee Bo Young dan Yoon Sang Hyun ini mengajarkan kita satu hal, yaitu meski minim kemungkinan yang akan kita dapatkan , tapi asal kita berusaha, tidak ada yang tidak mungkin di dunia ini.

Lha, trus apa hubungannya dengan Super Junior dan SNSD?? Ada yang tahu?? Hehe

Ternyata, member-membernya ini pada suka lihat drama ini, gak heran kan rating drama ini di Korea sana bisa mencapai 20%, emang dramanya keren.

Disini aku akan mencoba untuk mengumpulkan bagaimana sih kedekatan pemain-pemainnya dengan member SNSD maupun SuJu

Pertama, kita ke member SNSD dulu. Udah pada tau kan kalau Lee Jong Suk itu salah satu fanboynya SNSD, udah deket ma Hyeyeon sejak training, juga sekarang maen film bareng Yuri di ‘No Breathing’.

Ini bukti mereka saling berteman baik :

29 May:

Rising actor Lee Jong Suk revealed his close friendship with Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon in a recent interview.

The actor chose Hyoyeon as the friend who he can communicate with and understand him best.

Lee Jong Suk stated, “Before I made my debut in a drama, I was training to be in an idol group, and I became close with Hyoyeon then. Because we are of the same age, she became a friend I could open my heart and express all my feelings to.”

His statement was further backed up by a picture that was shared on an online community board that you may remember seeing. The photo shows Lee Jong Suk beside Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and YoonA, showing his close bond with the stars.
After hearing of their friendship, netizens responded, “What a surprising connection” and “I hope their friendship continues to flourish.”
In related news, Lee Jong Suk will join KARA‘s Nicole and Hara, as the new MC for SBS‘ Inkigayo as IU will be leaving to prepare for her solo concert.
Source + Image: Star News via Nate – allkpop
Trus, saat di lokasi syuting ‘No Breathing’ Yuri ma Jong Suk ngambil selca bareng..
[130725] Yuri Instagram update
http://instagram.com/p/cLessxNZFm/“노브레싱촬영하다 박수하만났다?! # 박솨 ‪#‎내맘두읽었냐‬?! ‪#‎nobreathing‬“”I met Park Sooha while filming No Breathing?! ‪#‎parkswa‬‪#‎did_you_read_my_thoughts_too‬?! #nobreathing”

*Park Sooha is Lee Jongsuk’s character’s name in his current drama ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’
*her hashtag ‘parkswa’ is just how Park Sooha would sound if read in a shorter way(?)
*her hashtag about reading her thoughts is also a reference to the drama ‘I Can hear Your Voice’. in the drama, the character Park Sooha is capable of reading people’s thoughts*

trans by: ch0sshi
cr: yulyulk

yang ketika waktu, Yuri dan Yoona diwawancari pas pemotretan ‘High Cut’ mereka ditanya tentang apa yang mereka sukai akhir-akhir ini.
MC: On the other hand, what’s something the two of you are currently hooked on? For example, a TV program you watch the ‘original broadcast’ of.
YURI: Ah, I really like ‘I Hear Your Voice’ (SBS) lately. Jongsuk comes on really cooly in it. And emptying my heart.
YOONA: I’ve watched a little bit of every drama. I watch ‘I Hear Your Voice’, ‘The Queen’s Classroom’, ‘Gu Family Book’, ‘Goddess of Workplace’, ‘Shark’ among others; I’m curious so I watch them all. While wondering, ‘If that was me, how would I have acted it out?’ Also, ballads or medium tempo songs. I usually listen to the entire albums from musicians like Kim Dongryul sunbae (senior), Epitone Project, Broccoli You Too, Autumn Vacation, Urban Zakapa, and Lucia. I liked finding better songs aside from their title track more.
Lanjut ke member SuJu, minggu-minggu lalu Yesung dan adiknya Jungjin, pergi ke lokasi syuting I Hear your voice menemui Choi Sung Joon, yang jadi Choi Yoo Chang

@shfly3424:tornado Sungjoon bro. before “I can hear your voice” recording, went to cheer for him ^^ fighting!! pic.twitter.com/xtSXhhCza7


Source: shfly3424

Trus, minggu lalu Donghae juga upload selca bareng Sung Joon
@donghae861015: Sung Joon-hyung from I Hear Your Voice ^^ Recently I’ve been hooked on this drama! It’s approaching the ending soon, what a pityㅠㅠ Fighting till the end!! :)http://t.co/AUp1hVBjZd
Wah.wah uda pada tau kan kalau ternyata member-member SNSD ma SuJu ini suka lihat I Hear your voice?? hehe.
Sekian dulu ya guys, ketemu lagi di coretan selanjutnya, kalau mau ngasih komen, monggo dipersilahkan, kita bisa saling share. Pokoknya, ni drama recommend banget, hehe
Annyeong … 😀

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