2014 YoonHae coincidences or YoonHae Couple Style??

10463987_285684081633958_2946580733280104802_nWarning, if you don’t like my OTP, better you don’t read this. I’m not kind of delusional but I ship them, even if they can’t together now, but I like them whatever the best for them

First, thanks to my all fellow pyros that always sparks about our OTP. Here, I want to share with you all about YH coincidence or YH style couple, how did we know? πŸ˜€

10462936_545572955546822_114239232250405149_n1. They wore same T-shirt. Hae for Japanese TV’ perform and Yoong at Airport back from Japan

10312674_1590621914496320_6380861120361601022_n2. Same jacket style with different color, you can zoom in and found same coincidence on them, such us about pin button on the pocket.. πŸ˜€ And she wore their couple hat.. πŸ˜€

10361034_324308637735734_7152580983215529685_n3. I don’t know when they wore it, but I know those are Donghae’s style on Breakdown era.. They have same glasses





4. And here we go, same style from above to bottom. Donghae at Incheon Airport went to China, and Yoona at Incheon went to LA. Although Yoong have ribbon on her shoulder, but yeah… who knows, right?? :D. Hae often wore their couple hat, do you miss her? πŸ˜€

10426221_792094560841748_6949400698612518816_n5. Yeah, and here we go, same style again.. :D. Try to zoom in on their jacket, they have same jacket style guys.. πŸ˜€


Bonus Pict :

10592748_790821564302381_5537070318899749496_nCompilation about their coincidence, on the right bottom, I hesitant it’s their couple or not, look at line shape on their shape, it is different or not?

10574462_783977154986822_4119027001232942308_n 10561836_783973964987141_510386030100668385_nRecently, they seems like wore Mickey Mouse’ shirt..







cr : as tagged and to my all my fellow pyros that found that coincidence



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